with Anthony Rose, Founder, SeedLegals

Prepare to nail your beta. Find out what investors want to see, how to find users, build something people love, iterate and find investors!

14th June, 4pm. Zoom.

Join this session to get an insight into what Beta traction investors want to see, to make sure you're nailing your beta ahead of a raise. Specifically during this talk, we'll cover:

-How to find users

-How to speak to users during your beta

-How to decipher which user feedback you should listen to what which you should ignore

-How often you should iterate/ship

-What metrics you should track during your Beta

-What to do when things aren't working

-Pricing (should it be free, paid for, etc.)

-Leveraging your progress to find investors

This event will give you a taster for what to expect from our upcoming Hotbed Beta programme. If you're unsure whether or not the programme is right for you, be sure to sign up.

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