Nail your elevator pitch


Looking to nail your elevator pitch? Below is some feedback we've accumulated from watching hundreds of pitches to investors

  1. Only got 2 minutes? Cover 4 things, the problem, your solution, why you, why now
  2. If you have a product, show it off - it sets you ahead of others
  3. Be energetic - this might be the hundredth time you've pitched this, but it's the first time the investor is hearing it and they need to believe in you
  4. Technical pitch? Think about the 'mom test', investors are often generalists so make it easy to digest and understand. If you can't articulate the problem in 30 seconds, you don't understand your problem
  5. Work the narrative, tell a story, people identify with what you make them feel. Use numbers and traction to add to the story.
  6. Always end with an ask, doesn't have to be funding, can be intros or feedback

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