HOTBED #BETA is a free, 4-week programme to help founders nail their beta launch, setting startups up to track and build towards Product Market Fit and gear up for a funding round.

20 June - 15 July

A global programme created by founders, for founders.

6 workshops. Growth tracking. Peer support.

All support is delivered virtually, by experienced founders and/or investors and domain experts.

Why join Hotbed Beta?

Hyper-relevant and actionable content

HotbedBeta is designed specifically to help you get the traction you need to prove product / market fit.

All content is delivered by founders, domain experts and investors.

Build relationships with investors

Meet investors throughout the programme

Pitch at our final Demo Day (subject to selection)

Learn how to leverage the progress you make during HotbedBeta to attract investors


Meet and connect with 100+ founders

Take advantage of our peer groups and buddy system to benefit from the collective knowledge of the cohort.


Stay accountable with Week on Week growth updates

Our growth tracking tools help you benchmark your progress against peers, build a relationship with investors, and get selected to pitch to our investor audience at our final Demo Day.


Continued support post-programme

After Hotbed Beta, we'll continue to support you.

You'll get lifetime access to all future programmes and content.

We're constantly working and growing, meaning you can expect to see additional programmes as you scale.

(we're actually creating a content + programme team just for this!)

The content

Week 1: Building for Product Market Fit

20 - 24 June

How do you make sure your product is loved by users? This week's sessions will have you focused on user needs, consumer feedback and research interviews, ensuring your product is something users want to come back to time and time again.

Week 2: Winning users without big budgets

27 - 1 July

So you've got a product that fits a need...Now it's time to focus on acquiring users without big budgets. This week our domain experts will discuss how they used creative marketing to attract new users, whilst keeping the all important CAC low.

Week 3: Engagement trumps acquisition

4 - 8 July

Winning new users is one thing, but keeping them engaged is entirely different. Our workshop and peer sessions will be focused on best practice for minimising churn and increasing the LTV of a user - metrics investors love to see!

Week 4: Leveraging beta traction for investment

11 - 15 July

Now you've got your beta data, how do you use it to build investor trust? This week we'll invite along investors to tell you what they want to see from your beta metrics, and how to craft a investment-friendly, compelling narrative.

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Tugce Bulut

Founder, Streetbees

Tugce will share how Streetbess won over corporates like Unilever, Vodafone, Lidl and Nespresso as a startup.

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Richard Howard

Angel + AWS for Startups

Richard will be sharing the best way to turn acquired users into engaged users + providing live pitch deck feedback.

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Anthony Rose

Founder, SeedLegals

Anthony will be sharing what investors look for when reviewing pitch decks when it comes to traction + beta tests.

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Seb Aspland

Founder, Product Lead & CTO

Seb will share top tips on building a product users love, prioritisation, customer experience & building for stickiness.

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Ella Wales Bonner

Investor, JamJar

Consumer startups will live pitch JamJar investor Ella for feedback on how to win over investors with your beta traction.

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Karina Mazur

Investment Associate, Seedrs

Karina will share tips on building fans out of users, and the power of the crowd when it comes to proving traction.

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Stephen Millard

Operations Partner, Notion Capital, Co-Founder, Included VC

Stephen will share the investor perspective on how to prove you've built a product that users love.

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Dan Bowyer

Co-Founder & Partner, SuperSeed VC

Dan will share the importance of narrative and storytelling when pitching, especially when it comes to your traction

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Roxane Sanguinetti

Angel & Head of Strategy at GHCO

Live pitch to Alma Angel Roxane for live feedback on how to win over angels with your beta traction.

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Kirsten Gohl

Investor, Velocity Capital

Kirsten will be providing live pitch deck feedback when you're half way through the programme to keep you on track.

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Hugo Sunnucks

Investor, Velocity Capital

Hugo will be providing live pitch deck feedback when you're half way through the programme to keep you on track.

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Kevin Withane

Founder / Investor, Diversity X

Kevin will be providing live pitch deck feedback when you're half way through the programme to keep you on track.

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More speakers to be announced shortly.

Who is this programme for?

Hotbed Beta is the right programme to join if...

You're launching your Beta before August 2022

You're planning to launch before the programme ends.

You're either currently fundraising or will be raising within the next six months.

You want advice on how to leverage the metrics from your beta to help you find investors.

You're busy and need quick and accessible support./

You're just finishing your Beta

You want to learn how to craft a compelling narrative w/your Beta metrics to attract investors

You need to decide how to iterate your product, based on the results of your Beta

You're now deciding your go-to-market plan to launch to the public

You're preparing for your Beta launch

You won't be running a live Beta during the programme, but you want to know what to expect for when you launch

Pricing: Free

Sign up & build with us.


We want to back the founders in our community and are working to be able to financially support startups in the near future.

To participate in Hotbed Beta, founders are required to offer us an equity warrant to give Hotbed the right (but not the obligation) to subscribe in cash for shares at the same time you obtain investment in any future round, on the terms set out below.

No investment is guaranteed. 

TL DR; We'd like the ability to back you with capital, if and when it's the best fit. 

RAISING < £500K = We can invest up to £50k with a 10% discount*.

RAISING < £750K = We can invest up to £75k with a 10% discount*.

RAISING > £750K = We can invest up to £90k with a 10% discount*.

(The equity warrant shall apply for a period of  24 months commencing from the Hotbed Beta programme end date.)


*this is a discount to the subscription price paid by your investors in a particular investment round.


"Of all the companies, VC's, advisors and mentors we have worked with on our journey growing our startup, [this] has been the most useful, inspirational, educational and provided the most relevant support. This is the most important community we've been privileged enough to be a part of!"

-Tersha Willis

founder of terrible*

'''[This] enabled us to benchmark growth in a community of startups. Alongside investors being involved, they helped us accelerate our transformation from idea into a business where healthy internal competition was a great motivator... and the dialogue with their ecosystem contributed to achieving several innovation awards and thereby financing. They're fantastic!"

-Omair Ahmed

founder of Neurometry

Time Requirement

20 June - 15 July



11:00 - 12:00

11:00 - 12:00

Our Partners

Our partners make our programmes possible.


Why we <3 SeedLegals: Founders in our community love SeedLegals for their knowledgable customer service team who is on-call even on the weekends. Most importantly, everything is incredibly affordable (perfect for early stage startups)!

Amazing for: Legal support of funding rounds, securing you SEIS/EIS advanced assurance, key employee documents, share option schemes, and much, much more...

Amazon Web Services

Why we <3 AWS: AWS offers founders in our community £10,000 worth of free credits. Plus, their team gets the challenges that come with building a startup and go the extra mile to offer support.

Amazing for: Building, iterating and scaling your product.


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